Envira Gallery Lite

On this page plug-in Easy Fancybox has been switched off.
Due to the large number of gallery displays on this page the loading time can be somewhat longer.

Plug-in Envira Gallery Lite has its own possibilities.
First an example of a simple gallery.
Clicking shows the own gallery display of Envira. Next to the arrows you can also make use of mouse scroll. This gallery consists of 5 images and is displayed in 5 columns.

Next an example with a hyperlink (6; on click a new page is opened in this tab) and the rest is just a gallery with the title shown in the image. Again 5 images but now displayed in 3 columns.

Remark Webdesign has written an own script that shows a so called galleryimagelist.
In this display the amount of displayed images in the content is limited to a maximum, a line is added to show how many images there are in total in the gallery and the little images (thumbnails) are synchronised in size.

Total number of image(s) in this gallery (click to enlarge): 10

And last but not least a nice script to display a so called contentlist.
In this list the images are used as links to other pages or posts together with an excerpt of the linked to content.

Total number of introductions in the overview (click on image to go to detail page): 3

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