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Remark Webdesign’s purpose is to create a professional web site that is also easy to maintain for its owner. And this for a fair and reasonable price for small and medium companies.

To reach this purpose not only our dedication is necessary, but yours too! The web sites created by Remark Webdesign have to be filled with content by you. This sounds more difficult than it is! The editor you will be using for this offers a lot of editing possibilities, nice extras (like for example image pop-ups) that will be set up for you in such a way that it only takes little exercise to do it yourself.

Important to note is the fact that every web site will be created two fold: the “real” web site and a test version that is only accessible by you. On the test version you can experiment so you can see how specific content looks like before you add it to the real web site.

Remark Webdesign thinks creating web sites an adventure! Our motto is: “Quality is in the detail”. To reach quality you have to have attention to the detail and that is just what we offer.


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