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Remark Webdesign designs and/or maintains your Wordpress site!


Always wished you had your own book as epub? Problems getting your epub through the online webstore checks?


Old and reliable: PivotX. Most advanced CMS of earlier days. Still used a lot and Remark Webdesign can help you!

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Gallery examples_image

Gallery examples

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There are so many different possibilities within WordPress to display galleries.
That is why Remark Webdesign started with some example pages: Gallery examples  [...]

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e-Pub contract_image

e-Pub contract

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As of now Remark Webdesign offers a monthly contract for creating e-Pubs. Price for an individual e-Pub is € 40 (excl. VAT) but you can contract us for € 20 per month (excl. VAT) so we will create up to 3 e-Pubs per month (cumulative).

Even more reason to contract us!  [...]

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A new site!_image

A new site!

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For a web designer always a special moment: the going live of a new site!
And it is extra special when it is your own site!

As of now this is the new site of Remark Webdesign. Feel free to look around and whenever you have (constructive 🙂 ) comments please send them!

On behalf  [...]

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If you can’t beat them join them?_image

If you can’t beat them join them?

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“It is a wise decision if your opponent is stronger to join him instead of fight him.”

This wisdom now also applies to housestyleCMS PivotX.
During several months there haven’t been any improvements and only bug fixing.

Your PivotX site to WP for only € 100!

The last months Remark Webdesign has been very busy with fully expanding the first export tool for PivotX definitions to WordPress format. Some sites have already been converted and now  [...]

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What does Remark Webdesign offer?_image

What does Remark Webdesign offer?

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  • A professional and easy to maintain web site.
  • Choice from a number of standard lay-outs.
  • Use of stable software WordPress.
  • Minimum 9 plug-ins installed and
  •  [...]

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Welcome at Remark Webdesign_image

Welcome at Remark Webdesign

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Welcome! Nice of you to visit this web site. Feel free to browse around and when you need additional information you can fill out the contact form.  [...]

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Remark Webdesign makes it possible to at least get your own website like you want it really to be!